When Going Camping, You Need This Underneath

When Going Camping, You Need This Underneath

Here’s a little secret that you shouldn’t forget whenever you are planning to go camping outdoors.

Going camping is an extremely fun-filled activity that can be enjoyed by the entire family. You can go out for a trip in a nearby park, in the woods, or you can let your adventurous side take over by camping in a mysterious spot that people don’t usually go to. The list of possibilities is endless. But do you know what can ruin the perfect outdoor camping trip?

Here’s the answer: Inappropriate underwear clothing.

The statement above might seem like a punchline from a typical TV comedy series, but the truth behind it is really something to think about. How many times have you participated in outdoor activities and ended up with an infection near your intimate areas because of allergies, insect bites, or extremely hot weather? Chances are, you have experienced that undesirable feeling in the past (especially if you have been going on camping trips for a long time). 

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While it is truly exciting to be in an outdoor camp, it can suddenly be disgusting like a plague if you start to feel itchy and uncomfortable in the areas surrounding your sensitive areas. The pelvic area and the upper extremities of the thighs are highly susceptible to allergies and skin irritations during outdoor trips. The reason for this is that these parts of the body easily sweat. These are also body parts where rubbing of skin upon skin happens frequently. As a result, the skin covering those parts usually turn into “skin discomfort areas” while in a camping trip. 

The ultimate solution to avoid this predicament is to use underwear which is designed specifically for outdoor use. You heard it right. It is not advisable to wear your household underwear when climbing the Mount Everest or camping in a Virgin Forest. You need to wear underneath clothing that are made of skin protective material and has insect repellents on them. 

There are many types of underwear outdoor clothing out there. You just have to search them out and choose which one fits your needs and budget. Some of the names that instantly come to mind are North Face, Icebreaker, Exoffocio briefs, and Henley clothing lines. 

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